The Future...

The plan ahead is excitng. Initially, I was all set to do evangelism and disipleship with Javier in El Cohie. Since then, after some quiet time with God, He revealed to me the true reason He was sending me to Venezuela.
Starting May 14th, 2011, I'll be leaving foR Barquisemeto, Venezuela. The main thrust of the work will be in the construction area. It's as clear as I have ever seen God reveal His will to me. First, I'll be working on some beautification projects for the the church in Barquisemeto. While that's going on , we'll be looking for a house to buy and renovate in El Tocuyo for pastor Javier, so he can be a more effective tool for God by living near the believers. Next, we'll be looking for property for the church, either a vacant lot to build on or an existing building that could be converted into a church.
After completing these projects, we'll return to Barquisemeto,focusing on building a second floor youth area that was started but since slowed because of lack of funding. When we finally have time to catch to catch our breath, we'll simply look for the next adventure God has already prepared in advance for us to do, that's just still out of sight.

Floor Plan for Church